Salvatore Taddeo: Advice For Prospective Business Owners

Salvatore Taddeo is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and helmed a number of businesses during his career. Salvatore Taddeo is currently the President of Salangi Enterprises LLC, which is a consultancy firm, and Sallee Figs, which offers dozens of varieties of rare figs to customers throughout the United States. Those who are considering following in his footsteps and starting their own companies should keep the below in mind.

Maintain Your Focus

Starting a business can be difficult if you work in a full-time job and have family commitments to take care of. This leads to your focus being split between your various duties, making it harder to concentrate on the business. As such, you need to find time in each day to focus on the business idea. Keep pushing forward whenever you can, else your progress will stall.

Know Your Goals

If you don’t have specific goals for your business, you may find that your efforts are wasted. Consider writing down what you aim to achieve and posting it somewhere visible so you understand all of the aims, from the professional through to the personal, that business ownership will allow you to fulfill. This will also act as a crucial motivator when things get tough.

Act Like A Startup

A new business should act like one, which means taking the time to build relationships and not promising services that it can’t deliver. Understand your limitations and work within your budgets. Growth will come over time if you are careful.

Find out more about Sallee Figs by visiting Salvatore Taddeo can be reached at Alternatively, call 732.864.4147.

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