Salvatore Taddeo: Certified in Computer-Aided Design

Salvatore Taddeo is a businessman of many talents. In addition to running both Salangi Enterprises and Sallee Figs in his community of Rumson, New Jersey, Mr. Taddeo is also a certified real estate agent in the state of New Jersey and holds a certificate in Computer-Aided Design. He has built many opportunities and businesses out of his many skills and experiences, using his creativity and certifications to help a wide range of clients for many kinds of services.

Salvatore Taddeo

Salvatore Taddeo earned a certification in Computer-Aided Design so that he could help create better property spaces and find new solutions to property design problems he has run into for his clients. By working in many facets of property development and construction, he provides the best services to his property management and purchasing clients that he can. He loves property management and construction design, so he wanted to be better at helping clients visualize a finished property product. Mr. Taddeo creates plenty of opportunities for himself and his clients with his wide range of skills.

Salvatore Taddeo has helped with construction management, time and money budgeting for property development, and planned property development in his long career as a business consultant and property expert in Rumson, New Jersey. Find out more about Sallee Figs at

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