Salvatore Taddeo: Why Grow Figs?

Salvatore Taddeo is the President and CEO of Sallee Figs. It is the largest such grower in New Jersey. He raises and sells thousands of rare, exotic fig trees, offering hundreds of varieties to customers across the United States.

When Salvatore Taddeo established Sallee Figs, he had his love of horticulture, heritage and family in mind. His wife and kids help him grow the many trees that the company sells, and he works closely with his customers to educate them on this ancient tree.

Rare, exotic figs, like those Salvatore Taddeo grows, date back centuries as one of the oldest fruits available in the modern world. They are delicious fresh, dried, or canned, and are among one of the easiest fruit trees to grow.

The Sallee Figs irrigated potting system makes rare, exotic fig trees even easier to grow. It waters them as needed and eliminates guesswork. Customers need only store their fig trees in a shed or garage over the winter and maintain the potting system. This eliminates the need to insulate the trees or otherwise fuss with them, and since it keeps them in perfect health, customers enjoy more bountiful harvests.

Growing any type of plant or tree also relieves stress and offers several health benefits, as if easy-to-grow, delicious fruit at your fingertips wasn’t enough.

Learn more about Sallee Figs or contact Salvatore Taddeo at “I look forward to hearing from you,” he says, “so that you and your family can enjoy growing and raising my rare exotic fig trees, like our ancestors so graciously did.”


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