Salvatore Taddeo: How to Eat Figs

Salvatore Taddeo is a grower of rare, exotic figs. Salvatore Taddeo owns Sallee Figs, which he maintains with his wife and kids, and he’s passionate about figs. After attending the French Culinary Institute, he’s also a master at using them in gourmet recipes.

Salvatore-TaddeoFigs are among the oldest fruit grown today, and Salvatore Taddeo raises and sells thousands of rare, exotic fig trees. With his custom-engineered potting system, they produce large harvests of delicious, ripe figs each year. Bountiful trees let growers experiment with dozens of different ways to eat the decadent fruits. If you’ve never eaten figs, or if you want to try new ways of preparing them, consider meals like these:

  • On Pizza

Both fresh and dried figs are delicious on gourmet pizzas and flatbreads. Additional toppings like goat cheese, ricotta, blue cheese, arugula and prosciutto will bring out the flavor of figs and make your meal a true dining experience. Especially if you use homemade dough.

  • With Cream Cheese

Topping or stuffing figs with cream cheese, or drizzling melted cream cheese over the top, is a simple way to dress them up. You can also stir chopped figs into cream cheese, with walnuts or macadamia nuts, to make a sweeter topping for breads, bagels and desserts.

  • In Baked Goods

Fig filling in baked goods can make an ordinary dessert into something your dinner guests will rave about for weeks. Pastries, pies, tarts, thumbprint cookies and any other baked good that works with filling can go well with figs.

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Salvatore Taddeo: Why Grow Figs?

Salvatore Taddeo is the President and CEO of Sallee Figs. It is the largest such grower in New Jersey. He raises and sells thousands of rare, exotic fig trees, offering hundreds of varieties to customers across the United States.

When Salvatore Taddeo established Sallee Figs, he had his love of horticulture, heritage and family in mind. His wife and kids help him grow the many trees that the company sells, and he works closely with his customers to educate them on this ancient tree.

Rare, exotic figs, like those Salvatore Taddeo grows, date back centuries as one of the oldest fruits available in the modern world. They are delicious fresh, dried, or canned, and are among one of the easiest fruit trees to grow.

The Sallee Figs irrigated potting system makes rare, exotic fig trees even easier to grow. It waters them as needed and eliminates guesswork. Customers need only store their fig trees in a shed or garage over the winter and maintain the potting system. This eliminates the need to insulate the trees or otherwise fuss with them, and since it keeps them in perfect health, customers enjoy more bountiful harvests.

Growing any type of plant or tree also relieves stress and offers several health benefits, as if easy-to-grow, delicious fruit at your fingertips wasn’t enough.

Learn more about Sallee Figs or contact Salvatore Taddeo at “I look forward to hearing from you,” he says, “so that you and your family can enjoy growing and raising my rare exotic fig trees, like our ancestors so graciously did.”

Salvatore Taddeo: The Benefits of Buying Over Renting

In addition to being a business owner, Salvatore Taddeo also works in real estate and is able to provide advice to those who are weighing up the various benefits of buying and renting properties. Salvatore Taddeo holds a valid New Jersey real estate license and has helped many clients during his career. The following are all great reasons why you should look to buy a property instead of renting on.

More Control

The main reason why many choose to purchase their own properties, rather than rent them from others, is that doing so offers them more freedom to do what they like in their homes. For example, many landlords will prevent tenants from owning pets or redecorating their buildings, none of which is an issue for those who buy.

Building Equity

Typically, your home will increase in value over time and the money you pay into the mortgage allows for an increase in equity that can be used to build a solid nest egg for the future. By contrast, the money you spend on rent goes into the pocket of your landlord and anybody that person is working with. As such, buying means that your money actually goes somewhere they may make it usable in the future.


Buying a home is a long-term commitment, which means there is more predictability in terms of what you pay. Renting, on the other hand, can be more volatile as landlords may choose to have you removed from the property or could increase the amount of rent they expect you to pay once your contract is up.

Salvatore Taddeo is a real estate professional who is based in New Jersey.

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Salvatore Taddeo – How to Establish Lasting Connections with Your Real Estate Clients

Salvatore Taddeo is a successful entrepreneur in the state of New Jersey, and one of his most successful ventures is through the real estate industry. Salvatore Taddeo enjoys being a real estate agent and being able to help people find the right properties they need. Here are some useful tips for agents looking to establish closer connections to their clients.

Salvatore Taddeo

One of the first ways to establish a more personal connection to your clients is to discuss their goals. Talk thoroughly with your clients regarding what they want in terms of real estate service, and what they expect from you as their agent. The more you learn about your clients, the more equipped you’ll be to serve their needs. They will also see the interest you place on getting to know them.


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Always be available. As a real estate agent, you need to make yourself available to all of your clients. Although this can be difficult depending on how many clients you have, you need to figure out a way to make yourself available to all of them so that they don’t feel left out. If you aren’t there when your clients need you, they won’t feel like the agent-client relationship is being taken seriously.

Discuss a budget with your clients. Once you get to know your clients and figure out what it is they need from you, it’s time to discuss a budget so that you can narrow down their options. This can be a tricky conversation to navigate, but it’s important to have and it will help establish a professional connection.

Salvatore Taddeo understands the importance of bonding with his clients.

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Salvatore Taddeo – Tips For Bonding With Real Estate Clients

Salvatore Taddeo enjoys being a real estate agent in New Jersey. He likes working with different people and bonding with his clients. If you want to bond with your real estate clients, these tips can help.

Salvatore Taddeo

Discuss Goals

Talk to your clients about their goals. What kind of home do they want? Why do they want to sell their current home? Do they plan to make renovations? The more you learn about your clients the more you can help them and the more you will bond with them.

Discuss Budget

Most people have a budget when they are buying a home and you should make sure you understand that budget. You want to be able to show your clients the houses they can afford and that fall into their budget. If you are trying to help someone sell a home, make sure you understand their negotiation terms and the lowest offer they will take on the home.

Be Available

When someone is buying or selling a home they may have a lot of questions. Make sure you are available to answer those questions as this will help your clients trust and bond with you better. Respond to emails and phone calls when possible and return messages as fast as you can.

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Bonding with your clients will help make you more comfortable with them and them more comfortable with you. It can also increase your chances of making a real estate transaction. If you want to bond with your real estate clients, the above tips can help. Salvatore Taddeo can be contacted at 732.741.FIGS (3447).

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Salvatore Taddeo – Six Reasons Why Investors and Entrepreneurs Fail

Investors and entrepreneurs are risk takers and they both contribute to the economy of a nation. Salvatore Taddeo is a determined and tireless Entrepreneur and a Consultant. Salvatore Taddeo is aware of the many reasons why investors and entrepreneurs fail and he would like to share some of those reasons.

Salvatore Taddeo
Salvatore Taddeo

Reasons why entrepreneurs fail include:

1. Lack of adequate planning

Without adequate planning, it will be difficult to achieve success in any venture. Many investors and entrepreneurs fail because they do not have a good investment and financial plan to guide them.

2. Lack of discipline and positive attitude

Entrepreneurs fail because they lack the discipline to stay focused and see things through. Many give up along the way and they lose their calm in difficult situations leading to poor choices.

3. Lack of diversification of investment

It is necessary to diversify investment in order to reduce risks. Many investors and entrepreneurs fail because they do not diversify their investments.

4. Lack of proper monitoring of investments

Many entrepreneurs and investors do not monitor their investments regularly to notice when there is a decline. An investor that notices a decline in his investment early can easily cut his loss and move on.

5. Inadequate knowledge

Many entrepreneurs and investors fail often because they do not make well-informed decisions.

6. Lack of courage

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Many entrepreneurs lack to courage to take risks necessary for the survival and growth of their investment.

Salvatore Taddeo is a well informed and perceptive Entrepreneur and Merchant Processing, Consultant. He is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises LLC and Sallee Figs, respectively. He is also a licensed New Jersey real estate agent. He enjoys cooking and volunteering.

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